Touch of color for the cold season



Color can always be a difficult subject to approach (Especially if a customer is walking in and I have to understand his perception of color within minutes.) It is a given that blue looks great in every shape, but what to wear with it, especially when it comes to seasonally appropriate combinations. I would like to present one suggestion : A purple tone often described as berry colored, somewhere between blue and red. There can never be enough dark, burgundy oriented red in menswear, however sometimes a lighter, more energetic touch adds variety to a wardrobe. The tie I wear in the pictures above is an example by Linus, the shirt is Olymp No.6 .

Seasonal knowledge and nuances in the world of elegant clothing are often expressed through fabrics and production, a wool knit tie, or a cotton blend tie are subtle, yet meaningful alternatives to the usual silk. It does not help, that many modern ties, even though they offer a relatively high standard of production and longevity these days at good prices, can feel too shiny, too artificial, when worn with seasonal flannels, corduroys or other worsted wool fabrics. Linus has interestingly combined a knit structure on the surface with silk, also weaving in little colorful spots. The shirt also features a small checked pattern, appearing as a solid color at distance.

The tone can be worn with blue of course but also the classic charcoal, which works perfectly in winter. Also imagine a well made cashmere cardigan or sweater in a slightly darker plum shade to accompany a grey suit. I was very much intrigued by the elegance and flexibility: While working on a sketch for a women’s evening dress, the idea of a soft, luxurious fabric with a berry colored stripe or check would not leave my mind. There is somewhat of a trend across menswear stores and collections this year to use rich purple as a statement, however oftentimes it is too loud or used on a wide area (think of a shimmering purple dress shirt, sometimes with added paisley patterns). I advocate for a touch of color, not a load of paint straight from the Disco Era.

Is there a specific piece of clothing that you appreciate in these berry tones or are you looking for something to convince you ? Feel free to leave us a comment or message.



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