By and for menswear minds #1

For one reason or another we can not always own the pieces we want and as I have noticed for the last few weeks it can be difficult to find something that exactly matches your imagination or the concept you want to communicate. That is why I decided to sketch and share a few of my thoughts. I am always happy for inspiration : Would you wear these outfits? Does the illustration help?

I am by no means an artist, and if you are somewhat familiar with the Instagram menswear sphere you will know the talented individuals deserving recognition. However for every honest talent there are a dozen men following the ‘repost and get attention’ philosophy I believe that personality, honesty and creativity are essential, which is why I rather try to create something myself and show my love for the culture of clothing, than just showing off my latest purchase or sponsored content.

Double breasted check

A contemporary British suit, 6 x 4 double-breasted, strong roped shoulders, a long jacket with a slightly higher waistline, slanted pockets. The fabric heavier, with a blue on mid-grey check. I was thinking about a couple of fitting examples for a tie, might be a paisley, Prince of Wales check or irregular floral pattern in rusty orange and blue. The shirt collar is tabbed to give it a nice roll.

Very much inspired by Crockett & Jones, a double monkstrap in black calf and high quality polish to give it just a hint of extravagant taste. Wish I had a shoe so versatile and iconic to the British style.

Plum dress

I do realize it is not menswear, but as I did mention in my last post, the berry color was not leaving my mind and it works so beautifully on a silk evening dress. The contrast between the clear and clean shoulders and the folded, voluminous lower body (where the color turns into more elegant shades of purple) walks the fine line between tradition & excitement.

I welcome comments, opinions and maybe an idea for the 2nd edition of this post series. /jf



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