Why did we start ‘Everyday Excellence‘ ?

We care about great clothes, we care about the people who want to wear these great clothes. Between labels and stores, between influential personalities and the average consumer we try to inform and educate (also ourselves) as much as we can. Excellence, to us, is about improving yourself, feeling good and understanding personal aesthetic style in everyday life.

“The name ‘Everyday Excellence’ was a spontaneous idea, much like the realisation that I love classic menswear. When I was visiting Berlin and had nothing else planned for the evening, I decided to sit down at the Curtain Club Bar of the Ritz Carlton and order the first serious cocktail of my life (not hard to guess where my continuing love for bar culture comes from.) I had liked menswear before and always made an (uneducated) effort to express myself through it, but it was never something beyond that. That moment of spontaneous discovery however and the atmosphere of an effortless, perfectly put together experience, was the first step on a journey of discovery. I wanted to understand what makes a cocktail excellent and I wanted to understand what makes a handmade suit excellent, something that takes passion and knowledge and can not be obtained through money alone. Everyday Excellence therefore is not about being excellent, but about finding and appreciating that excellence in other people and objects.”

“After years in retail and experiencing menswear, we want to write & talk about fashion in a way that reflects the beauty, the creativity and the difficulties of this passion.” /jf /rds



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