We are a Personalised Clothing and Style Consultancy for men in Bonn & Cologne. We believe in feeling excellent on any occasion and understanding the small things that matter. Clothing culture includes tailoring tradition and the stories behind what we wear. You wish to be informed about menswear & dress codes? You may contact us for free, we either answer your question online or meet in person.

Our initial consultation is free and requires no commitment. Aside from talking and writing about menswear we are bringing together your very own style and aspects of design at your own pace. We are independent and thus offer a unique and honest opinion on quality in menswear and worthwhile brands. You will find the three main offers of Everyday Excellence below and our current events by clicking this link.

Everything that goes into communicating style, from drinking culture to architecture, is of interest and every once in a while we will try to inspire you with content from those interests.When we meet with you in person we will not do it by rushing from store to store, but instead sit down at a cafe or bar and talk about your needs first.

Wir sprechen selbstverständlich auch Deutsch, für Informationen schreiben Sie uns einfach eine Nachricht.


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