Under the sun in Suitsupply

I have appreciated certain brands for a long time, and Dutch pioneers Suitsupply are among my personal Top Five if I had to break it down. I was lucky enough to purchase a jacket, which is quickly becoming my go to blue separate. The royal blue wool was made by Vitale Barberis Canonico, woven in a very fine birdseye-like pattern. The shoulders are rather light and rounded which works well for a summer jacket. How well they work paired with sweaters during the fall will be interesting to see though, in general I prefer a somewhat roped shoulder.

Suitsupply 5

These suede shoes are among my oldest and while I would not purchase the decorated winged style today, I like the sleek lines and faded colors. The trousers did not have cuffs, but since they were a tad long anyway I added them. Seersucker, a fabric with British colonial heritage, but more relevance throughout the years in American tailoring, can be a challenge. It does not have to be white/ off-white, but conventionally it is, and since the cloth is rather seasonal, it does make sense to wear it in this classic light color. What makes seersucker interesting is its ‘pre-creased’ state, meaning it holds up nicer than linen yet offers similar comfort during hot days. Many seem to be fascinated by entire seersucker (or cream-colored linen for that matter) suits and enthusiastically purchase one for the season, only to realise that they do not work as well in their environment as they had planned. So why not choose a separate to pair with classic blazers in navy or buy that fascinating linen suit to break it up.

Suitsupply 3

Suitsupply Ready to Wear is not just a quality option but for me personally, there has never been a better fitting jacket. Most, especially Italian manufacturers, offer short suit jackets or as overseas brands, long but square-shouldered wide cut. Here I have both a slimmer waist and long jacket that falls nicely when worn unbuttoned. Same goes for the pants, which sit high on the waist and have a non tapered leg, giving them a nice silhouette even when moving or sitting. I, personally, am very curious about the canvas construction (up until now I’ve only worn a non-structured cotton jacket by Suitsupply) and how it develops over time. As with any kind of craft there are differences in quality and obviously an industrialized jacket auch as it will not have the same quality of canvas fabric and seams as a handmade suit by a master tailor. However it does look nicer and hugs the body in a more natural way, especially compared to fashion brands who offer more expensive jackets.

Suitsupply 4

A bit of silver and white in the tie are bridging the brighter colors of the shirt and a nice width is adding some timeless character. Some might have wanted the seersucker pants with removed belt loops and simple adjusters, but I like a good belt and the possibility to complement the leathers worn on my timepiece or shoes.

Rose colors have long been a staple of very traditional outfits (Just think of British Royalty for example), yet men seem to shy away from them and either stick to white & blue or go three steps too far and select bright reds and greens.  I am all for bringing back pastels and vintage shades,they are so much easier to pair with suits and ties and whatever else you would want to wear.

Suitsupply 1

Get yourself a few items by Suitsupply while it lasts. As with most things that are too good to be true they won’t last long or reveal some sort of catch. So far all of their designs and the overall quality have been untouchable (If you were to ask me.) However the reasons why Suitsupply is so affordable are cutting edge management and an aggressive approach to expansion, both of which can lead to dangerous gambles in an industry that is not an easy one to begin with (These are not the 80s where people just spend ridiculous amounts on clothes. Despite every brand and every marketing figure who will preach that there’s growth in fashion, there isn’t.)

Are you interested in a few more remarks on the value and the longevity of brands such as Suitsupply or would you rather read more about their designs ?

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One thought on “Under the sun in Suitsupply

  1. vdstylepoint says:

    Interesting article! I fully agree that SuitSupply is a great company and price vs quality / fit ratio is among the best available. Love the pants and its’ fabric. Interesting to combine seersucker pants with the wool jacket. I personally would go for the seersucker suit as a whole, but the relaxed fit of the jacket somehow fits. Would like to see more articles about brands like SuitSupply.

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