Linens & Summer Strolls

Summer 7

Slowly but surely we are transitioning into summer and while I am not the biggest fan of hot days in the sun, I appreciate spring’s energetic atmosphere and light elements in seasonal tailoring. Having found this lovely Rene Lezard sport coat made of Loro Piana cloth on sale, these days are perfect to fully appreciate its character. As you might see around the lapel and the bottom of the jacket, the silk-linen blend is very lightweight, creating a more modern, dynamic silhouette.

Compared to other linens it’s also very resistant to creasing. I do not have much of an issue with it, but for many many men out there it is. If this was a tailors creation, I might have chosen a longer jacket, but off the rack this 38L is much better than the 38R which is even shorter. I suppose it is a choice by the brand to further emphasize the casual summer style or the length is the very reason it was sold at such a great price. I am curious to hear what you think about fit & fabric.

Summer 2

To further enhance the contemporary lines I chose a cutaway collar shirt in dark blue (great color all year round) and a complimenting dotted dark blue linen pocket square. For a long time linen was the go-to choice for pocket squares, personally, I like linen for its nice form (I actually bought the same square in red and light blue as well). Cotton is too stiff, silk too smooth, linen or wool stay in place without appearing too artificial. If you were to ask the average German man, they would say that you shall not wear such a collar without a tie. But why exactly ? Sure the more extreme lines draw more attention to the upper body, but in the same way as one could wear a peak lapel on a casual suit, a cutaway collar can be an interesting alternative. Just make sure it is somewhat proportionate to your look.

Summer 1

Those Hilfiger pants would deserve their own review and maybe one day I will get to it, but for now I am just enjoying their nice shade of grey and adequate fit (Would I pay full price for them ? No.) Interestingly they are made of 98 % cotton, but instead of the classic Chino look, these pants look like flannels, which is one of the best choices to match different kinds of jackets. This also makes them easier to wear when transitioning into the warmer months. If it were up to me the weather could be flannel & tweed appropriate 85 % of the year so at the very least I have the appearance of a nicely texture garment.

Summer 5

Quality does make all the difference when it comes to accessories such as scarves or ties, natural fabrics and craftsmanship are not only visually more interesting, they are also more comfortable to wear.

There is no need to wear a scarf in summer but the linen texture of this Andrea’s 1947 and the added grey colors balance the bright blues. You can read more about the brand here

I also own one of their cashmere winter scarves and while they might not be the most affordable option out there, the quality is amazing. If you think about the fact that, 500 years ago only a very small number of people could actually produce and commission such a fabric, and even 100 years ago it was an item of prestige for certain social classes, we have come a long way in making clothing accessible and perfecting production. This view is, I admit, somewhat romantic, but I’d like to believe, that it has never been this easy for a man to get the garment he wants and appreciate it, not for its social reputation, but for its inherent beauty.

Summer 3

After cleaning these double monks with Ed Meier Leder Reiniger they have somewhat regained their original hazelnut shade of brown. I had previously recolored them with dark red wax and going forward I am open to your suggestions when it comes to show care. I could attempt and even lighter shade for Spring/Summer or go back to red for fall. Overall the brown could have been a bit more present in the scarf or pocket square, something to keep in mind for the next summer walk.

Summer 6




Where to wear such an outfit ? How about Sunday strolls through parks, late breakfasts at some cafe, meeting with friends and family. Bonns Rheinaue park was such a splendid background for these pictures and it not only lightened the fabrics I decided to wear, but also my overall mood.

I am currently working on a few new sketches that will incorporate some of those vibrant colors and clothes inspired by our blooming surroundings, enjoy your Sunday(s),



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