Turtlenecks & Tweeds

I am an absolute fanatic when it comes to turtleneck sweaters. To me they look good on most men (and women), they create a beautiful silhouette & frame and much like a basic v-neck it works with or without a suit.

I realize that some men will never ever touch a turtleneck, either because they feel it is too conservative (in the same way that they dislike cardigans.) or because they feel it is uncomfortable. They are most certainly missing out.


Tweed upper body


Paired with a light brown/sand tweed jacket it makes for a seasonal outfit that brings out the best elements of my favourite season. The rounded lapel curve, stronger shoulders and a slightly more spread lower half make it feel like a British inspired riding or hunting jacket (although there are enough elements in today’s business suits that were once part of those influences, e.g. side vents, which we don’t recognize as such). I always appreciate heavier fabrics, not only because Germany has the tendency to mimic the London climate, but they also give a slim frame some volume. Clothing very much is the modern-day suit of armour.




Maybe I should have chosen a different pocket square, a wool texture might work better than the elegant silk, but I wanted to add a bit of red color and didn’t have a better fabric in that color.


Tweed and watch


I realize that at some point an article on watches, and especially the Citizens that I collect, is due. For now enjoy the 1970s cream dial and red strap (which sadly is not an original). The double monkstraps have been recolored with red wax to also provide a visual parallel in burgundy. I am curious about your feelings towards turtlenecks and/or British inspired tweed fabrics, feel free to comment, message or find me on Social Media.




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