The White Shirt



Nothing in a man’s wardrobe is more timeless and essential than a white dress shirt. Often overlooked, seen as too formal, or too simple, it goes well with almost any other piece of clothing a man might want to wear.


“Figure out what your look is. I don’t wear a black suit-white shirt combination all the time to be ‘iconic’ but because I’m most comfortable in this and I don’t feel the need to experiment.”
Tom Ford


Why did we place this particular article in the top menu of our website ? It felt like a good starting point for any journey into the, often detail-obsessed, world of menswear. Simple things can be overlooked and most of the men who have gone through the custom-made or bespoke experience know, that it is hard to focus on simplicity when you have all the options. By no means are we saying, that a white shirt is all you are ever allowed to wear, but it is a good base line, something to use as a reference (quite practically, as a good white shirt is the perfect item to wear when shopping for new clothes).

So if you have clicked on this article out of curiosity, or because it was rather prominently featured, we hope you were not disappointed, but encouraged to also read about the perils of alteration, or entry level made to measure garments or why perspective matters.


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